Thursday, March 24, 2011

hammer down, fork race

I had my favorite LBS (Stone's in Alameda) pound down the fork race for the headset this morning.  I saw some DIY videos on youtube last night, but they made me feel queasy. To be honest, I was slightly hesitant about bringing in some generic fork to that shop, because (1) let's face it, I paid a 1/4 of what it would have cost there and (2) that shop is All About Steel.  But Dennis (owner) was impressed with the fork, and once he picked it said, "oh, a true temper fork...  wait... no... well, they look identical.  Hard to say, they all come from only a few factories."  Anyway, he got to pounding in the back room.  It was a tight fit, and I'm a touch skeptical just how well the bearings are going to sit...  I've cleaned an integrated headset on two other bikes, and I don't know, they just seemed more secure.  Maybe once the thing gets tightened down it'll be fine.

He also convinced me that I don't want to chop off a carbon steer tube myself, so I'll be going back.  Stone's Cyclery is a great shop, and while I did get most everything for this new bike off Ebay or online merchants, I'm happy to spend locally on accessories and miscellaneous bits whenever I can.

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